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Composer Kenji Kawai
Released 1990-03-23
Title Origin Official
This page is for the Sansara Naga song, for more titles see Ending.

Ending is the song that plays during the ending sequences in all three Sansara Naga games. The song was composed by Kenji Kawai, and arranged by various audio staff of the game developers. It is one of three songs to be shared in all the games in the series, the other two being Tsuneni Ryuu to Tomoni Are and Ame no Sougen.


The song title comes from the Samsara Naga 1&2 Soundtracks album and is originally written in Japanese. The Japanese text エンディング (Endingu) literally translates to Ending.


The song plays in the key of A major, and is in the standard 4/4 time signature. The song starts off with the two square channels playing a victorious fanfare twice. The triangle (bass) and noise (drum) channels join at 0:07 and then the two square channels play lead and harmonize throughout most of the song.

The Chorus of the song starts at 0:09 and switch between a A and G chord. At 0:24, the chord changes to DΔ7, C♯m7, DΔ7, and E. The whole sequence repeats from the start of the "Chorus" at 0:39, except the final chord is C♯7 (1:07) as opposed to E. The square channel then starts a solo at approximately 1:09. Here, the song descents in its chord progression: F♯5, C♯7/F, F♯m7/E, B/D♯, D, C♯m, F♯m, Bm, and E.

At 1:24, the square channels play an octave above normal, and play along the chords of A, F♯m7, Em, A, D, E, D, C♯7, and F♯Δ7. During the last chord, the square channel slowly descents the scale of that chord. At 1:46, the "Bridge" starts, where the second square wave plays in eighth notes as an "echo-y" instrument to accompany the first square channel, which takes on the lead. During the Bridge, the chord progression is Bm7, C♯m7, DΔ7, E, D, and E. The song then returns to the part played at 1:46, but this time codas to the outro on the fifth measure at 2:16. The outro goes from D5, to E5, and then ending on F♯5 with the second square wave playing in eighth note triplets. The song ends on an F♯5 where all the channels play and rest for a quarter note four times before ending on a lower octave. That is where the song ends.


Sansara Naga (FC)

Platform - FC.png
Sansara Naga (FC)
Output - NES.svg
Sansara Naga - FC - Ending.png
Arranger Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, Shinji Nakayama
Programmer Unknown
Released 1990-03-23
Length 2:32
BPM 128
Format NSF
Loops No

The song plays after the cutscene of the hatchling meeting the protagonist (Rinne plays during that part) and the ending text and credits roll. Interestingly, both the protagonist and hatchling dance to the beat of the song and stop and turn around when the song ends.

The song was most likely arranged by Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada, and/or Shinji Nakayama, as ACC, the developer, is credited for programming in the game's manual, while Kawai is credited for music, and the three have credits in other ACC titles.

The ACC audio team arranged Kenji Kawai's music in Sound Routine, their in-house sound driver, most likely in 6502 assembly machine code.

Sansara Naga 2 (SFC)

Platform - SFC.png
Sansara Naga 2 (SFC)
Output - SNES.svg
Arranger Michiharu Hasuya
Programmer Unknown
Released 1994-07-15
Format SPC
Loops No

The song is pretty much a 16-bit conversion of the original Famicom version, though this time is in standard tuning.

The song credits Michiharu Hasuya as the "Music Manipulator", so he was most likely the arranger.

Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)

Platform - GBA.png
Sansara Naga 1x2 (GBA)
Output - GBA.svg
Arranger Tsukasa Tawada
Programmer Unknown
Released 2001-12-14
Format GSF
Loops No

This arrangement is based on the Sansara Naga 2 version.

The song was arranged by Tsukasa Tawada.