Eastridge Technology

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Eastridge Technology
Founded 1985
Headquarters Princeton, New Jersey
Website www.e-t.com

Eastridge Technology is an American company which was founded in 1985 in Princeton, New Jersey by Nick Eastridge, who had previously worked for Mindscape and Gray Matter. The company was only credited in two video games; WWF King of the Ring, and Pong: The Next Level. However, they worked on several Mindscape titles uncredited such as Paperboy and Gauntlet II (NES and Game Boy versions). Eastridge Technology specialized in developing mostly for the NES, Game Boy, and Super Nintendo, but at rare times would work on other consoles such as the Commodore Amiga (Wing Commander) or Sega Genesis (Wayne's World). The company would usually outsource graphic work to Gray Matter.

It is believed that Nick Eastridge was the only person who worked at his company, hence the poor quality in his video games.

While Eastridge Technology still operates today, the company no longer works on video games and instead focuses on computer software.


Music Development


Nick Eastridge programmed a sound driver for the NES. It came it at least 3 different variations.

Audio Personnel