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Founded 1989
Closed 1992
Headquarters Japan

EIM (有限会社EIM EIM Co., Ltd.) was a Japanese game developer who was founded by Kenji Eno (pronounced E-no) at the age of 19. Eno had previously worked at Interlink as a composer. Eno was required to use licensed characters (due to contracts), which ended up making him mentally unstable, and he closed the company's doors as a result. The company developed primarily only Famicom titles, though produced a couple arcade games.

The company's initials stood for Entertainment Imagination (and) Magnificence.

Music Development


Kenji Eno and Hirohiko Takayama were the only composers for EIM. They used a sound driver by Michiya Hirasawa. It is unknown how they created music and sound for the Famicom, but it was most likely either assembly or Music Macro Language.

Audio Personnel