Dune: Spice Opera

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Dune: Spice Opera
Dune Spice Opera.jpg
Released 1992-05-26
Publisher Virgin Records
Country France   France.svg
Catalog CDVE 911
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Games Dune (AMI), Dune (DOS), Dune (SCD)

Dune: Spice Opera is an arrangement of the game's score. It is included with the collector's edition of the UK version of the PC game.

The game tune "Sietch" is missing on the OST, but its drum intro was actually merged with the opening track "Spice Opera". Three tracks are exclusive to this album: "Emotion Control", "Revelation" and "Cryogenia". Another track isn't featured in the PC version of the game, but is present in the Amiga one: "Ecolove".

All tracks Produced by Philip Ulrich.

All songs Published by Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd.

Recorded at the Cryo Laboratory Studio 1992.


# Title Composer / Arranger Length
01 Spice Opera Stéphane Picq, Philip Ulrich 4:47
02 Emotion Control Stéphane Picq 4:19
03 Ecolove Stéphane Picq 5:01
04 Water Stéphane Picq 3:05
05 Revelation Philip Ulrich 6:00
06 Free Men Stéphane Picq 6:37
07 Wake Up Stéphane Picq, Philip Ulrich 5:15
08 Dune Theme Stéphane Picq 5:07
09 Chani's Eyes Stéphane Picq 5:03
10 Sign of the Worm Stéphane Picq 3:15
11 Тоо Stéphane Picq 4:35
12 Dune Variation Stéphane Picq 6:20
13 Cryogenia Stéphane Picq, Philip Ulrich 4:46