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Composer Bobby Prince
Arranger Bobby Prince
Released 1991-11-??
Length 0:31
Format IMF.png
Game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS)
Title Origin File Name
Loops N/A

Dopey was composed by Bobby Prince for the game Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle (DOS). The song was composed using Sequencer Plus Gold and was written from the ground up for the Sound Blaster FM synthesizer. The song was not used in the final version of the game.

Judging from the name of the song, it seems likely this song was probably meant to be used for the level Well of Wishes at some point during development. For some reason this did not happen, and You've Got to Eat Your Vegetables!! was used in the level instead.

The song was named "dopey" in the archive supplied by John Romero, but the whether this is the complete official title is not known.