Diversions Entertainment

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Diversions Entertainment
Diversions Entertainment.png
Founded c. 1992
Closed c. 2010

Diversions Entertainment is the development company of Rob Elam, designer of the One Must Fall series. Diversions Entertainment probably wasn't an official company during the early years, but rather a name associated with his games. However, when One Must Fall: Battleground (W32) was published, it probably had to become an actual company for tax purposes. Over the years, Diversions Entertainment probably only ever officially employed Rob Elam and his brother Ryan Elam. After Elam stopped supporting Battlegrounds, it's safe to say that the company dissolved.


Music Development

The One Must Fall demo didn't feature music but used a Creative Labs driver for sound effects. 2097 featured music composed by Kenny Chou using the PSM2 audio engine developed by Joshua Jensen at Epic Games. Battlegrounds featured music composed by Saul Bottcher from Silver Creek Entertainment.

Audio Personnel

While Elam did do some audio programming and Foley work, Diversions Entertainment didn't have an in-house composer and instead relied on contract composers.