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Digital Orchestrator Pro
Digital Orchestrator Pro - 1.jpg
Platform: Windows 16
Year: 1995
Developer: Voyetra Technologies
For the Software page, see Digital Orchestrator Pro.

Digital Orchestrator Pro was the succeeding sequencer to Voyetra's Sequencer Plus. It was easier to use and had more features for MIDI. Not only could you do MIDI, but also audio recording. You could also mix audio and MIDI in .ORC files.



Jeff Batter was hired to do the sequencer's music. Along with the program also came tutorial videos on how to use the program for MIDI and audio recording that was narrated by Jeff. While some of the music files don't have credits, most of them do and credit Jeff for the music. While the tracks are extremely sophisticated, some of them aren't put together all that well, like R & B, where the audio recorded guitar is flat making the music sound bad. Gray Fowler also helped with some of the songs. Opening the .ORC files in Digital Orchestrator reveals the actual song names.


VGMPF Album Art       Icon-Help.png

Digital Orchestrator Pro - W16 - Album Art.jpg








01 70's Hip Jeff Batter, Gray Fowler Jeff Batter, Gray Fowler 1:06 2.52 MB
02 It's Saturday Night Jeff Batter Jeff Batter 1:43 3.94 MB
03 Digital Orchestrator Demo Jeff Batter Jeff Batter 0:14 551 KB
04 Multi-Theme Demo Jeff Batter Jeff Batter 1:51 4.21 MB
05 R & B Jeff Batter, Gray Fowler Jeff Batter, Gray Fowler 1:11 2.69 MB
06 Southern Jeff Batter Jeff Batter 1:15 2.86 MB


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MIDI.png ORC.png



When the sequencer is installed onto one's computer, the music files are included in the /DEMOSONGS folder directory.


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Digital Orchestrator Pro - 1.jpg
Title: Digital Orchestrator Pro
Platform: Windows 16
Released: 1995-??-??
Publisher: Voyetra Technologies, Inc.