Digital Orchestrator Pro

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Digital Orchestrator Pro
Digital Orchestrator Pro - 1.jpg
Creator Voyetra
Released 1995-??-??
Platform Windows
For the music page, see Digital Orchestrator Pro (W16).

Digital Orchestrator Pro is a MIDI sequencer by Voyetra (now Voyetra Turtle Beach). Unlike their earlier DOS-based Sequencer Plus Gold, Digital Orchestrator Pro uses the simpler graphical-user interface of Windows. The program was originally written for Windows 3, but is forward compatible to Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP. However, it is not compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, or higher.

The sequencer lets you compose notes as fast as 64th note triplets, which was helpful because it made guitars have the strumming effect like a real guitar. Composers can also create MIDI versions of chiptunes which use arpeggios. Another interesting feature is the Humanize option, which makes the song sound more like a human is playing. Since human's can't keep time perfectly, the sequencer makes it so it sounds more like a human is playing. After installing the sequencer on a computer, it comes with tutorial videos on how to use Digital Orchestrator. The program also comes with example .MIDI files, and .ORC files which were used for Digital Orchestrator projects.

Digital Orchestrator Pro can import from Sequencer Plus SNG format, General MIDI, MIDI files with an RMI header, WAV audio, and JAM and JDT files. It can save in its proprietary ORC format, type-1 MIDI and export to WAV audio.

Voyetra Turtle Beach maintains the copyright on Digital Orchestrator Pro, but refuses to sell it. A demo program was released, but new copies of the full version can no longer be obtained legally.


The following composers used Digital Orchestrator Pro:



Version Download Platform Notes
3.01.05 Demo Download - (info) Windows Demo version - closes after 30 minutes