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Player - DeepSID - Piano - Dark.png
Creator Jens-Christian Huus
Released 2018-05-12
Platform Web Browser

DeepSID is a SID player on desktop and mobile browsers. It is intended to instantly access everything without having to download anything first. It also has plenty of information and statistics on songs, software and people. It was created by Jens-Christian Huus, himself a famous Commodore 64 composer and sound programmer from 1988 to 1991.

It has many features including:

  • Browse current High Voltage SID Collection.
  • Browse remixes of a soundtrack by fans.
  • Browse C64 games (GB64) and demos (CSDb) which use the soundtrack.
  • Choose between clocks (i.e. tempos and pitches: PAL and NTSC).
  • Choose between SID chip revisions (6581R2, 6581R3, 6581R4, 8580R5).
  • Choose between emulators (either for accuracy or slow computers) and real recordings (disables Visuals).
  • View STIL (comments from arranger, about covers etc.).
  • View arranger photo, birth year, employments, and used drivers/editors.
  • View info and screenshots on the editor used on one soundtrack.
  • View all 3 analog voices on a Piano or a Graph each (including waveform and filter settings).
  • View all 4 voices as waveforms (Scope).
  • Light and dark mode.
  • Save preferences through cookies and/or registration.
  • Create private and public playlists (requires registration).
  • Add various tags (requires registration).
  • Comment on soundtracks (requires Disqus account).
  • Links to specific songs, visuals and searches.

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