David Nutting Associates

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David Nutting Associates
Founded 1970
Closed 1983
Headquarters Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
Other Names DNA

David Nutting Associates (also known as DNA) was an American game developer founded by David Judd Nutting. The company developed several arcade games including Jr. Pac-Man, Professor Pac-Man, and quite possibly their best known title, Wizard of Wor. David Nutting says this about his company on his LinkedIn profile:

My group created the first microprocessor pinball and then created the first microprocessor video gave hardware system and then created a series of highly successful video games.

The company mainly consisted of David, Tom McHugh, and Jamie Fenton, but would sometimes work with other game developers.

Eventually, Bally Midway purchased the company, but with David still at the helm. However, they dissolved the company in 1984.

Audio Personel

None of DNA's video games contained a proper credits screen. However, some games would sneak in developers' initials in the ROM. These names included Lew Harp, Jamie Fenton, Thomas McHugh, Jeff Fredricksen, Rickeye J. Spiece, Bob Ogdon, Bill Jahnke, and Scot L. Norris, who, while credited for audio, was only credited in Bally Astrocade video games.

  • Marc Canter has taken credit for developing all aspects of Professor Pac-Man.
  • Scot Norris is credited in the company's Bally Astrocade titles.


Audio Development


Most of DNA's arcade games used 2 of the Bally Astrocade's sound chips. The Bally Astrocade's sound chip contained 3 50% pulse waves, which contained noise and vibrato effects, both of which DNA took advantage of. Music was most likely programmed in Z80 assembly.