David Kelly

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David Kelly
Birth Place
Nationality British   UK.svg
Aliases Dave Kelly

David Kelly is a British composer who worked for Consult Computer Systems.


Released Title Sample
1987/??/?? Knuckle Busters (ZXS)
1987/??/?? The Krypton Factor (ZXS)
1987/??/?? Wiz (ZXS)
1988/??/?? Every Second Counts (C64)
1988/??/?? Every Second Counts (ZXS)
1988/??/?? The Krypton Factor (C64)
1988/??/?? Vindicators (C64)
1989/??/?? Return of the Jedi (ZXS)
1989/??/?? Vindicators (AMI)
1989/??/?? Vindicators (ZXS)
1990/??/?? Darius+ (ZXS)
1990/??/?? Kenny Dalglish Soccer Match (ZXS)
1990/??/?? Little Puff in Dragonland (ZXS)
1990/??/?? Snoopy (ZXS)