Dark Technologies

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Dark Technologies
Dark Technologies - 1.png
Founded ca. 1994
Headquarters UK
Other Names Phoenix Interactive

Dark Technologies was a British game developer founded around 1994 by Darren Melbourne and Mark Greenshields. Little is known about them because they developed very few games. The company later changed their name to Phoenix Interactive. Something interesting to note is that Dark Technologies is credited as the developer in the beta version of Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday, but in the final version, Phoenix Interactive is credited as the developer.


Music Development


Dark Technologies used David Whittaker's sound driver. Their only NES game was The Lion King, and the only composer who got to use the engine was Kevin Bateson. According to David Whittaker, he did not give permission for them to use his sound engine and that it must have been stolen/reverse engineered.


Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday uses the SLICK/Audio engine, courtesy of Lawrence Hiler. The Beta version of the game does not credit Jez Taylor or Lawrence Hiler/Chip Level Designs and only gives credit to Kevin Bateson.

Audio Personnel

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