Dark Halls

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Dark Halls
Composer Bobby Prince
Released 1993-12-10
Title Origin Official

Dark Halls is played in E1M3: Toxin Refinery. It is an ambiance track, rather than a heavy metal track.

Bobby Prince used Sequencer Plus Gold to compose this track. Its internal name is "D_E1M3". This track appears on the Doom Music album.


Doom (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Doom (DOS)
Output - MIDI.svg
Doom - DOS - E1M3.png
Arranger Bobby Prince
Released 1993-12-10
Length 4:30
Format MUS
Loops Yes

Doom (32X)

Platform - 32X.png
Doom (32X)
Doom - 32X - MAP12.png
Released 1994-10-??

"Dark Halls" plays on MAP03: Toxin Refinery and MAP12: Deimos Lab (replacing They're Going to Get You).