DX-Ball 2 (W32)

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DX Ball 2
DX-Ball 2 - W32.png
Platform: Windows 32
Year: 1998
Developer: Longbow Digital Arts Inc.
For another games inspired by Arkanoid, see Arkanoid.

DX-Ball 2 is a sequel to the Michael P. Welch's DX-Ball, inspired by Arkanoid.


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Originally, game soundtrack contained just 4 MOD tunes. Three of them are for title, and the Orbital Flower is for highscore. The rest were a part of an addition freely downloadable music pack by Gieseke himself, however, in later versions, including the 20th Anniversary one, those tracks are provided with the game itself. They play if you press F5 during the gameplay.


The recording was made by Audacity from the game itself, to keep the hard stereo separated.

The tracks were named after MODs metadata and placed in alphabetical order, but menu tracks are placed on the top of this list, the highscore song is the last one.

# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 BeatWave Eric Gieseke 7:42
02 DustRaiders Eric Gieseke 3:27
03 Seasons Eric Gieseke 2:58
04 Tribelands Eric Gieseke 2:33 Download
05 Catch It Up (Burndown) Eric Gieseke 3:00 Download
06 Elemental Eric Gieseke 9:46 Download
07 Final Destiny Eric Gieseke 7:47 Download
08 If You Love Eric Gieseke 6:009 Download
09 In the Eyes Eric Gieseke 3:33 Download
10 Jasmine Eric Gieseke 3:14 Download
11 Just Break'n Out Eric Gieseke 7:45 Download
12 Little (Toy) World Eric Gieseke 7:42 Download
13 Lollybomb Eric Gieseke 3:01 Download
14 New Beginning! Eric Gieseke 3:49 Download
15 Orbital Flower Eric Gieseke 5:35


(Source: Songs meta data, MobyGames)

In some tracks, Eric Gieseke goes by the name "Siewinder".

Game Rip



MOD.png WAV.png



This game has MODs in one of the subfolders of the game.

Also game use WAV sounds, so they also were included in the rip. A lot of them were taken from the DX-Ball (W32), but more compressed.


DX​-​Ball 2 Sound Selection (4 original tracks)


  USA.svg   USA
DX-Ball 2 - W32.png
Title: DX-Ball 2
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 1998-12-16
Publisher: Longbow Digital Arts, Inc.
  World.svg   World
Title: DX-Ball 2: 20th Anniversary Edition
(Steam release)
Platform: Windows 32
Released: 2018-11-21
Publisher: Longbow Digital Arts, Inc.