DX-Ball (WEB)

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Platform: Web
Year: 2012
Developer: BorodinART
Online: Play Online
For another games inspired by Arkanoid, see Arkanoid.

DX-Ball is the JavaScript recreation of the original Windows release of this quite famous Arkanoid-style game.


The music is the same with W32 release. There are two noticeable differenses: the soundings differs (why - see below) and you can't back to the another tracks pressing F5 - tracks are just repeating 1-3 times, then it changes to the different track in the order.

As the author confesser in harahabr, he just converted the MDS files to MP3. The sounding indicated that for this the MIDi Decoder was used (without the SF2 file it don't dive General MIDI sounding, making the notes different). Specifically, it was firtsly converted MDS to WAV using this software, then WAV to MP3.


Just converted MDS to WAV using MIDI Decoder and WAV to OGG with Audacity. It's not the General MIDI soundings, but sounds like in game.







01 Ethno Papa Roland Corporation Roland Corporation 3:26
02 Ackerlight Frédéric Hahn Howard Wootan, Mike Doyle 4:54
03 Flight of the Bumblebee Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov Romeo Music International 2:44
04 Karn Evil 9: 1st Impression, Part I Emerson, Lake and Palmer Unknown 3:53
05 Freebee Jeff R. Bosset Jeff R. Bosset 2:39
06 Overture from The Marriage of Figaro Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart MTA 4:17


(Source: the Internet, game lacks credits.)

The same way with original game - serfing the Internet.

Audio Devices

The game doesn't have the audio changing program and detects it automatically. You need DirectX card or compatible.

Game Rip



MP3.png MDS.png MIDI.png WAV.png



The game use MP3 for music (converted from MDS in original]] and WAV for sounds. Becuase the MP3 music is 1:1 to OGG, the MP3s were excluded from the rip.

The rip also contains the MIDI files converted from MDS using MIDIPLEX.


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Title: DX-Ball
Platform: Web
Released: 2012-??-??
Publisher: Unknown