Culture Brain

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Culture Brain
Founded October 5, 1980
Headquarters Japan
Other Names Nihon Games, Inc., Micro Academy

Culture Brain (株式会社カルチャーブレーン) was a Japanese game developer. They are known in the USA for their games such as The Magic of Scheherazade and in Japan, they are known for their Hiryuu no Ken games. They originally went by the name Nihon Games, then changed it to Micro Academy before permanently changing it to Culture Brain.

During their NES development, out of the many games developed, they only put credits in two of their games (Super Chinese 3 and Hiryuu no Ken 2). According to Shunichi Mikame, the company never really bothered with game credits. During their GameBoy development, they were much better about credits, as all but their first game (Ninja Boy) contain staff credits.


Music Development


It is unknown how SNES music at Culture Brain was created. It sounds like the instrument samples are from an Ensoniq EPS and the drums are from a Korg M1.

Audio Personnel