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Output - SNES.svg
Output - SNES.svg
Live A Live - SFC - Kicked Out.png
Composer Yoko Shimomura
Released 1994-09-02
Length 0:42
Format SPC.png
Game Live A Live (SFC)
Title Origin Official
Loops Yes

Cry-A-Live is one of the rare tracks in the game that play in more than one chapter, generally playing when something tragic happens. In the prehistoric chapter, "Contact", it plays on the overworld after the first battle with Zaki when Pogo, Gori and Bel are thrown out of the tribe. In the distant future chapter, "Mechanical Heart", it plays when Darth enters the break room after battling 0D-10, and continues playing until the end of the first half of the chapter staff roll. In the ancient Chinese chapter, "Inheritance", it plays after you find two of the three pupils dead in your school and continues through the first half of the next scene.

This song is track 33 on the official soundtrack, but there is also a variation of the song lacking the melody that is not on the official soundtrack and does not have an official name. In the distant future chapter, "Mechanical Heart", it plays after Huey dies until you enter the room with the Behemoth, which is required to move on.

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  • English: Cry-A-Live
  • Japanese: CRY・A・LIVE