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Conan - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1991
Developer: System 3 Software Ltd.
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Conan (also known as 'Conan: The Mysteries of Time') is another mediocre platforming game by Mindscape. Once again, like The Last Starfighter (NES), this game isn't its own game, instead it's a direct NES port of Myth: History in the Making for the Commodore 64, except they've taken all the good things in the game and removed them, making it a horrible game; they removed the final boss, the graphics look flatout disgusting. In most levels, it looks like it's monochrome. The controlling is also bad; pressing up and down will result in Conan jumping forward and if you get hit while in the air, you stop dead in your tracks and fall, usually resulting in a death which is stupid. The game is also really hard. One thing is that you only get three lives and no continues, and there is no way to gain any extra lives, and most of the enemies take an eternity to kill. The game recieved very poor reviews and doesn't hold a candle to it's C64 counterpart. The game looked like it was rushed in development and shoveled out to stores so the developers could make a quick dollar. This game is an uncommon game that with the cart alone can be about $20 on ebay.

The player assumes the role of Conan. You start out in the caves with deadly lava pits, and you must obtain a sword and hit the skeleton in chains, then kill a purple devil that gives you a trident that you use to kill the boss at the end of the level. The second level takes place in some Greek cotton-candy land with the baby blue and pink background. Then you are in a dark place where you must kill a medusa and use her head to kill the hydra. Then you find yourself on a viking ship with a background that is guaranteed to give you a seizure. After that, it's the Forests of Asgard where Conan must fight his way through giants and green imps and kill a dragon. Then you are in the sky and must try and get into a castle which are the Tombs of Zamboula.

The story is as follows: In an age undreamed of, where barbarous kingdoms battle for survival in a savage and unforgiving stand alone.

You, the great and mighty Conan, born of pure Cimmerian blood, will claim what must be yours...the throne of Aquilonia. Yet, beware! The journey is a dangerous one, with enemies and challenges at every turn. Flying demons assault you. Fiendish spirits lash out. A nymph challenges. What is her plan? Only Conan dares to know the difference between subtle temptress and menacing foe.

Now, explore the entire world in the true adventures of Conan, the greatest barbarian hero ever. Every detail of the Hyborean world has been captured in this multi-level, super-action game. From the Forests of Asgard to the Tombs of Zamboula, you feel the fury, the passion, the power that is...CONAN.


Conan - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Conan - NES - Gameplay 1.png

Taking damage in level 1.

Conan - NES - Gameplay 2.png

Seriously, Mindscape? This was the best final boss you could come up with?!

Conan - NES - Ending.png

Your average awful-game-one-screen ending.

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The music is actually one of Mindscape's better soundtracks. There are seven medieval-sounding themes that go along with the game quite nicely, some of them sound like a jazz composition. While it's not as good as Jeroen Tel's soundtrack for Myth, what's there is acceptable at the least. The bad thing about the music is that it uses a dull low-volume square wave, making it sound like something you'd hear on an Atari 2600. There's also no percussion in the music. Mindscape's games always seemed to lack credits, not even the manual has credits. Nick Eastridge's sound driver is used in the game, but it is unknown if he used music from the movie, or if another composer created the soundtrack. The title song also plays on level 4, the second part of level 7 and the ending. For the level 5 music, the first channel goes off sync because the programmer didn't program the a note rest properly. The music was either written in assembly language or a converted MIDI file.

All the songs were written at 150 BPM, using many 8th triplets.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 Title UnknownNick Eastridge 1:39
02 Level 1 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:38
03 Level 2 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:02
04 Level 3 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:14
05 Level 5 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:05
06 Level 6 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:10
07 Level 7 UnknownNick Eastridge 1:08


(Game lacks credits)

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Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


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Conan - NES.jpg
Title: Conan
Platform: NES
Released: 1991-02-??
Publisher: Mindscape Inc.