Chris Teslak

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Chris Teslak
Born 19??
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality American   USA.svg

Chris Teslak was one of Electronic Arts empoyees in the late 80's, responsible for the "sound and music" for just two games from them, DOS versions in particular, also for additional programming and art programming in the first one.

Very little is known about him. However, because EA is an American company, it's assumed that Teslak was American. He was dealing only with the simple PC Speaker tunes, and that suggests he most probably was a programmer, not a musician.

The HVSC (High Voltage SID Collection) claims that Teslak also worked on the Commodore 64 port of Apache Strike, because it was released by the same people same year as the DOS version. However, that doesn't seem to be actually probable, because SID chip programming requires different skills than PC Speaker, and other than that, there is no evidence Chris Teslak knew Commodore 64 programming. Even worse, for the Commodore 64 port of "The Games: Winter Edition" there are Chris Ebert and Chris Grigg credited for the "sounds and music", but not Chris Teslak.


Released Title Sample Comment
1988-??-?? The Games: Winter Edition (DOS) Sounds and music
1989-??-?? Apache Strike (C64)
Not credited. Arranger?
1989-??-?? Apache Strike (DOS)
Sounds and music