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| [[WWF Wrestlemania (NES)]]
| [[WWF Wrestlemania (NES)]]
| Sound Driver
| Sound Driver
|} 1989-01-05
[[Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES)]] - Sound Driver

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Chris Stamper
Chris Stamper - 1.jpg
Birth Place England
Nationality British   UK.svg

Chris Stamper is a British game programmer and is the brother of Tim Stamper. The two of them founded Rare. When Rare was developing NES games, he wrote the sound driver for their early games. Later, Mark Betteridge upgraded their NES sound driver and enhanced its sound quality.


Released Title Sample
1987/08/?? Slalom (NES) Sound Driver
1987/12/?? Wizards and Warriors (NES) Sound Driver
1988/??/?? California Games (NES) Sound Driver
1988/02/?? R.C. Pro-Am (NES) Sound Driver
1988/09/?? Jeopardy! (NES) Sound Driver
1988/09/?? Wheel of Fortune (NES) Sound Driver
1988/11/?? Anticipation (NES) Sound Driver
1989/??/?? John Elway's Quarterback (NES) Sound Driver
1989/??/?? WWF Wrestlemania (NES) Sound Driver

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (NES) - Sound Driver