Chee-Chai Alien no Uta

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Chee-Chai Alien no Uta (Chee-Chai Alien's Song) would become the main theme song of Creatures' "Chalien" franchise following the release of the initial game Chee-Chai Alien (GBC). The song would also have an arrangement in a television commercial for the game. Its name is sourced from the Chee-Chai Alien CD.

Chee-Chai Alien

In this game, the song was used for the operation instructions and minigame descriptions. Various other tracks would incorporate parts of it as well.

Chee-Chai Alien (GBC)
Chee-Chai Alien - GBC - Operation Manual.png
Released 2001-02-23
Format GBS

Nonono Puzzle Chalien

Part of the song in this spin-off to Chee-Chai Alien is used during the opening demo but is cut off. However, the full song can still be found within the ROM.

Nonono Puzzle Chalien (GBA)
Output - GBA.svg
Nonono Puzzle Chalien - GBA - Opening.png
Released 2005-06-16
Length 1:46
Format GSF

Spin Six

Spin Six (DSI)
Released 2005-06-16
Spin Six (also known as KuruKuru Action: KuruPachi 6 (Japan)) is a Nintendo DSi remake of most of Nonono Puzzle Chalien's Spin Six mode. In this game, the Chee-Chai Alien no Uta plays on the main menu unlike Nonono Puzzle Chalien. A video containing it exists, but the Spin Six soundtrack may not be ripped.

Special arrangements

TV commercial