Character Generation - Eye of the Beholder

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Character Generation
Composer Paul Mudra
Released 1990-??-??
Title Origin Game Location

Character Generation is the song that plays while you are creating your party members in some ports of Eye of the Beholder. The song is a quiet but ominous tune, preparing your party members for the long adventure that awaits.

This song also serves as an ending theme to the DOS and SNES versions, except the DOS version does not loop. It also glitches out a channel.

The song was written by Paul S. Mudra using AdLib Visual Composer.


Eye of the Beholder (DOS)

Platform - DOS.png
Eye of the Beholder (DOS)
Output - OPL2.svg
Eye of the Beholder - DOS - Character Generation.png
Arranger Paul Mudra
Released 1990-??-??
Length 3:30
BPM 120
Format ADL (Westwood)
Loops No (according to general section)
Yes (according to this section)

The song plays while you are creating your characters in the Character Generation screen. The song will end, but after a brief pause, the song will loop. Paul Mudra composed the song in AdLib Visual Composer using his own custom BNK file.

Like Introduction Part 2, this song will only play on an Ad Lib Music Synthesizer Card, Sound Blaster card or compatible.

Eye of the Beholder (AMI)

Platform - AMI.png
Eye of the Beholder (AMI)
Eye of the Beholder - AMI - Character Generation.png
Arranger Paul Mudra
Released 1991-??-??
Format UNK
Loops Yes

This version of the song skips the strings in the introduction and loops the clarinet and bells part. However, the song loops immediately after it is done.

Eye of the Beholder (SNES)

Platform - SNES.png
Eye of the Beholder (SNES)
Output - SNES.svg
Eye of the Beholder - SNES - Character Generation.png
Arranger Tatsuya Nishimura
Programmer Unknown
Released 1994-03-18
Length 3:05
BPM 121
Format SPC
Loops Yes

Like the other versions, this song plays during the character generation screen, and also plays during the game's ending cutscene. Unfortunately, instead of showing a staff roll, the game stays at the end of the cutscene until the player either resets or turns of the SNES.

This version of the song was ported to the SNES by Tatsuya Nishimura. The song is shorter than the DOS version in that it skips some repetitive sections of the song, but will loop as soon as the song is done, rather than pause for a short moment. The SPC file is titled Birth of Heroes. Also, the string section was replaced with an organ.

It is unknown if Paul Mudra gave his ROL and BNK files to Nishimura, or if Nishimura had to learn the music by ear.

Sheet Music


  • YouTube game ProJared used the SNES version of the song as background music during his playthrough of Dungeon Hack.