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Founded 1990-03-03
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan

C-lab (株式会社シー・ラボ) is a Japanese game development studio which was founded by Masayoshi Koyama on March 3, 1990. The company has developed games for a wide variety of platforms including computer and console games. Similar to many other game developers in the early days of its game development, the company often went uncredited.


Audio Development

Game Boy

Composers used a sound driver by Masayoshi Koyama. The music was written in either Z80 assembly or a custom form of Music Macro Language.


Composers used a sound driver written by someone with the alias Soarer, as shown in Totally Rad (NES). It is thought that this is Masayoshi Koyama. Toshiko Tasaki and Kazuo Sawa were the primary audio developers to use this.


Masayoshi Koyama modified Nintendo's Kankichi-kun sound driver. It is unknown how they created the music.

Audio Personnel