Bionic Commando Theme

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Bionic Commando Theme
Composer Junko Tamiya
Arranger Unknown
Released 1988/07/20
Length 1:05
Format NSF.png

This song is featured in areas 1, 3, 4, and 7 of Bionic Commando. It has a wonderful military march sound with snare drums all throughout the track. Like all of the songs in Bionic Commando, the track remained untitled until Simon Wiklund released the soundtrack and named each song. A preview of the rearranged version of this song can be heard on the 8-bit album, and the full rearrangement can be heard in Bionic Commando: Rearmed.


In the liner notes for the official soundtrack, Dean Tersigni writes:

There were many war games for the NES, but non of them have a more military sounding track than the "Bionic Commando Theme". The beat of the snares and the pulsing bass are the perfect backdrop for the powerful lead. Obviously inspired by a military march, this iconic song gives the game its notable character.