Bionic Commando (ARC): VGMPF Soundtrack

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Bionic Commando (ARC): VGMPF Soundtrack
Bionic Commando (ARC) - VGMPF Soundtrack.jpg
Released 2015-08-05
Publisher VGMPF
Country World   World.svg
Catalog VGMPF-TAG-001
Games Bionic Commando (ARC)

Bionic Commando (ARC): VGMPF Soundtrack is a Video Game Music Preservation Foundation soundtrack for Bionic Commando (ARC) designed by Dean Tersigni. It features the complete arcade soundtrack, and a 12-page booklet with information about each song, a biography of the composer, details of the game's audio hardware, and assorted trivia.


Download Notes
Download (86 MB) Songs are in FLAC format, images are high-res.


# Title Composer / Arranger Length
01 Coin Jingle Harumi Fujita 0:01
02 The Forest Harumi Fujita 2:24
03 Bionic Commando Theme Harumi Fujita 4:08
04 Infiltration Harumi Fujita 2:28
05 Power Plant Harumi Fujita 2:18
06 Stop the Missile Harumi Fujita 2:58
07 End of Stage Harumi Fujita 0:09
08 Game Over Harumi Fujita 0:03
09 Continue Harumi Fujita 0:09
10 Ending Harumi Fujita 0:37
11 High Score Harumi Fujita 1:13
12 Unused 1 Harumi Fujita 0:13
13 Unused 2 Harumi Fujita 0:20
14 Unused 3 Harumi Fujita 1:17