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Binary Design Limited
Founded 1985
Headquarters Manchester, Greater Manchester, England
Other Names B.D.L.

Binary Design was a game developer founded by Andy Hieke (previously founder of Terminal Software) and Mike Webb (previously programmer at Ocean Software, soon founder of Software Creations). Many games were published by Mastertronic. Several employees did "foreigners": During lunch time on some days and evenings, they moonlighted for English Software, whose offices were right behind Binary's.

One of the first employees was musician David Whittaker, who had already worked at Terminal. In March 1986, Jason Brooke joined as a programmer. By October 1986, Hieke had founded a label called Binary Sight and Sound, to which other developers could outsource their graphics and audio, though according to Brooke, only few did.

In 1987, Whittaker felt underpaid, and by late April, he had left Binary and founded Musicon Design as a sister company to competitor Icon Design. Brooke then became Binary's musician, but as Whittaker became busy, he offered Brooke a job, eventually a joint directorship, and Brooke followed in November.

Music Development

Originally, Whittaker wrote his own drivers, but had Brooke write faster and more powerful ones.


Audio Personnel