Baby Jo In Going Home (DOS)

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Baby Jo In Going Home
Baby Jo In Going Home DOS BoxArt.jpg
Platform: DOS
Year: 1991
Developer: Loriciel SA

Baby Jo In Going Home is a side-scrolling platform action game developed and published by Loriciel and published for DOS in 1991. In the game, you play Baby Jo who is trying to return home. You must collect bottles to stay healthy while avoiding dangerous animals and obstacles.


Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - Main Menu.png

The title screen.

Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - Selection Menu.png

Main Menu.

Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - Level 1.png

Early in level 1.

Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - Level 2.png

Things are different on Level 2 (Caves).

Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - Level 4.png

On the way home (Level 4).

Baby Jo In Going Home - DOS - High Scores.png

The best of.


Only four of five music tracks have been ported to MIDI from the Amiga version of the game, Baby Jo In Going Home (AMI). Like many other games that were ported from Amiga version, the converted music was downgraded a bit. The game offers the players to choose an output device to play the music via a command line parameter.


# Title Composer Length Listen Download
01 Main Menu Christophe Zurfluh 0:38
02 Picnic Christophe Zurfluh 2:05
03 Cave Christophe Zurfluh 1:25
04 Home Christophe Zurfluh 1:15


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Game Rip



MIDI.png BNK.png



The type-1 MIDI files and the AdLib BNK are installed into the ./BabyDisk directory. The BNK file is archived in the "SHRINKED" format that the rest of the game files use.

Audio Devices


Icon - AdLib.png Icon - General MIDI.png Icon - PC Speaker.png Icon - Sound Blaster.png

(No Source - Depending on which parameter the game is run ("0", "1", "2") with, it will send MIDI commands to the corresponding output device)


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This game is missing releases.