Azusa Hara

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Azusa Hara
Azusa Hara.png
Local 腹 梓 (はら あずさ)
Born 19??
Birth Place Unknown
Nationality Japanese   Japan.svg
Died 1993?
Aliases Azusa.H, H.Azusa, Ahsa, Azusa, A.Hara, 原 あづさ (Adzusa Hara)

Azusa Hara was a Japanese composer who started working for Data East around 1986, scoring music and sound effects for most of their arcade games. She later moved to the US and got married. She unfortunately died some time in the mid-1990s.


Released Title Sample Notes
1986-??-?? Last Mission (ARC) (ラストミッション)
1986-??-?? Shackled (ARC) (ブレイウッド)
1986-06-03 B-Wings (FC)
1987-??-?- Gondomania (ARC) (魔境戦士)
1987-??-?? Wonder Planet (ARC) (ワンダープラネット)
1987-??-?? Heavy Barrel (ARC) (ヘビーバレル)
1988-04-?? Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja (ARC)
1988-??-?? Bloody Wolf (ARC) (ならず者戦闘部隊 ブラッディウルフ)
1988-??-?? RoboCop (ARC) Sound Effects
1988-??-?? Chelnov: Atomic Runner (ARC) (アトミックランナー チェルノブ 戦う人間発電所)
1988-??-?? Cobra Command (ARC) (コブラコマンド)
1988-??-?? Oscar: Psycho-Nics (ARC) (サイコニクスオスカー)
1988-??-?? Pocket Gal (ARC) (ポケットギャル)
1989-??-?? Vapor Trail (ARC)
1989-??-?? Hippodrome (ARC) (ファイティングファンタジー)
1989-??-?? Midnight Resistance (ARC) (ミッドナイトレジスタンス)
1989-??-?? Sly Spy (ARC) (シークレットエージェント)
1989-05-?? Act-Fancer: Cybernetic Hyper Weapon (ARC)
1989-07-14 Bad Dudes (NES)
Arranged by new composers.
1990-??-?? Gate of Doom (ARC) (ダークシール) Sound Effects
1990-??-?? Two Crude Dudes (ARC) (クルードバスター)
1990-??-?? Dark Seal (ARC) Sound Effects