Andreas Lösch

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Andreas Lösch
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Born Summer, 1983
Birth Place Frankfurt, Germany
Nationality German   Germany.svg
  • Andreas Leosch

Andreas Lösch is a composer, foley artist, and game designer. He was born in the summer of 1983 in Frankfurt Germany. His first taste of music began at the age of 10 with guitar lessons, but he quickly lost interest. However, around age 21, Lösch was introduced to synthesizers on his new computer. With a rekindled interest, Lösch purchased an electric guitar and a Yamaha CS1x keyboard. By 2006, he had made a few finished songs and met a singer with whom he started the band No Fate Net.

Though he plays guitar, Lösch says it's more of a tool to him, and he doesn't use it in the way it deserves to be played. Instead, Lösch focuses more on his love for synthesizers. For inspiration, Lösch enjoys the music of Clint Mansell, the films of David Lynch, and various mood-inducing ambient music.

Andreas Lösch is a big fan of the 1990s industrial rock scene and appreciates the music of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Zeromancer, 16 Volt, Ministry, Stabbing Westward. He also likes post rock, ambient, intelligent dance music, and progressive rock. Favorites include God Is an Astronaut, Amplifier, Tool, Ben Frost, and Meshuggah.

Lösch continues to be creative even when not focusing on music and enjoys appreciating the work of other artists including filmmakers and sci-fi/cyberpunk authors. Lösch is also a videdogame designer and has made several games. To get away from it all, Lösch enjoys the company of his dog and traveling.





2009/??/?? Closed In (WEB)
2009/??/?? A Day In A Cave (WEB)
2009/??/?? Yuckfu (IP)
2010/09/13 Biolab Disaster (WEB)
2010/??/?? Bungluwa (WEB)
2010/??/?? Closed In Addendum (WEB)
2011/01/11 Z-Type (WEB)
20??/??/?? Mermaniac (WEB)

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