Aladdin (NES)

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Aladdin - NES.jpg
Platform: NES
Year: 1994
Developer: NMS Software

Aladdin is a mediocre platforming adventure game loosely based on the famous movie of the same name. The player takes the role of Aladdin and must save the princess. The game was released at the end of the Nintendo Entertainment System's lifespan, making it a rare game. Once again, NMS Software made another bad game. The controls are awful, the graphics make you want to vomit, and the gameplay itself is just horrible. Fortunately, for most countries, it was only released in Germany and not Japan or the United States.


Aladdin - NES - Title Screen.png

The title screen.

Aladdin - NES - Sword.png

Swinging the sword.

Aladdin - NES - Relax.png

Take it easy, man.

Aladdin - NES - Hanging.png

Give me a hand, bro.

Aladdin - NES - Genie.png

...a giant floating head?

Aladdin - NES - Desert.png

In the desert you can remember your name...


Out of all the faults of this game, the music is definitely not one of them. The music is actually taken from the movie, whose music was composed originally by Alan Menken. Mark Cooksey arranged the music from the movie to put into the game. While the game lacks credits, we have contacted Mark Cooksey and he has verified that he was the composer, plus, he is the only known sound designer to work for NMS Software. The GameBoy port, which was also developed by NMS Software and uses the same music (and then some) does have credits, but nothing for audio. Mark composed the music on C-Lab Notator for the Atari ST. He would create a MIDI file then convert it into the NES. The music is very long too, so it shouldn't get annoying to the player at all, or at least, not for a long time. Also, the music is really catchy too. All of the songs in the game are written at 150 BPM. The only downfall to the music is that there are only 4 songs.


# Title ComposerArranger Length Listen Download
01 A Whole New World (Title Screen) Alan MenkenMark Cooksey 1:53
02 Prince Ali (Level 1-4) Alan MenkenMark Cooksey 2:44
03 Aladdin (Level 5-9) Alan MenkenMark Cooksey 4:52
04 Prince Ali (Level Complete) Alan MenkenMark Cooksey 0:03


(Verified by composer, game lacks credits)

Game Rip






Ripping NES music is a very arduous process that is beyond the scope of this site.


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Aladdin - NES.jpg
Title: Aladdin
Platform: NES
Released: 1994-??-??
Publisher: Virgin Games