The Entertainer

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The Entertainer
Composer Scott Joplin
Released 1902-12-29

The Entertainer is one of the most popular ragtime pieces. The song was composed by Scott Joplin and originally published in 1902. In addition to the song being popular in it's own time, it saw a return to prominence in 1973 due to a version of the song arranged by Marvin Hamlisch being included in the popular film The Sting.








1984-??-?? Deep Trouble (C64) Unknown SID
1984-??-?? Montezuma's Revenge (A8) Unknown SAP
1985-06-14 Flappy (FC) Yasuhito Saito NSF
1985-??-?? Capt'n Kidd (C64) Unknown SID
1987-08-?? Creative Music System (DOS) Sim Wong Hoo 1:44.10 CMS
1987-08-?? Creative Music System (DOS) Sim Wong Hoo (Piano Version) 1:44.09 CMS
1987-12-22 R.B.I. Baseball 2 (NES) Brad Fuller NSF
1988-02-18 Tohru Matsumoto's Stock Winning Science (FC) Tomohiro Hori NSF
1988-12-22 R.B.I. Baseball 3 (NES) Brad Fuller NSF
1988-??-?? Leapster (A8) Richard Skelhorn SAP
1988-??-?? Monopoly (SMS) Scott Statton VGM
198?-??-?? Nadral (A8) SAP

Deep Trouble (C64)

Montezuma's Revenge (A8)

Track 1 in the SAP file.

Capt'n Kidd (C64)

Creative Music System (DOS)

Creative Music System - DOS - The Entertainer.png

There are two different versions of The Entertainer in the Creative Music System files. While both of them contain meta data which list them as being covers of the Marvin Hamlisch arrangement for the movie The Sting, one appears to be more closely related to the original 1902 piano version by Scott Joplin. The file name of the piano version is EntertO.cms, while the one closer to the movie is named Entert.cms. They are both 1:44 in length, and both songs play through two SAA1099 chips.

Tohru Matsumoto's Stock Winning Science (FC)

Leapster (A8)

Track 2 in the SAP file.

Monopoly (SMS)

Nadral (A8)