Ode to Joy

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Ode to Joy
Composer Friedrich Schiller
Released 1785-??-??

Ode to Joy was a poem originally written by Friedrich Schiller, but was later made famous by Ludwig Van Beethoven when he used it in his Symphony No. 9 In D Minor. Because the song is public domain, numerous television shows, movies, and video games have used this song.

Ode to Joy normally is supposed to play in the key of D, but other games have altered it.








1985-12-19 Binary Land (FC) Unknown NSF
1985-??-?? Canvas Croquis (ARC)
1986-04-14 The Mysterious Murasame Castle (FDS) Koji Kondo NSF
1989-07-25 Oishinbo: Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu (FC) Osamu Kasai, Masaaki Harada NSF
1990-09-28 Die Hard (PCE) Unknown HES
1991-07-19 Die Hard (NES) Junichi Saito 0:28 NSF
1993-??-?? The Hunt for Red October (SNES) (Ending) John Spence 1:30 SPC
1993-??-?? The Hunt for Red October (SNES) (Game Over) John Spence 0:55 SPC
1993-??-?? The Super Aquatic Games (SNES) Unknown SPC

Canvas Croquis (ARC)

Oishinbo: Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu (FC)

The song plays at the "The End" screen. Unfortunately, instead of showing credits, the game stays on this screen until you reset. This version of the song plays in the key of A♭.

Die Hard (PCE)

The song plays once you finish the game. Though it is played in the key of D just like the original, the song adds drums as well as a funky style to it. Kenji Yoshida is most likely the arranger since he was the main composer at Nihon Bussan.

Die Hard (NES)

Die Hard - NES - Terrorists Escaping.png

The song plays when the terrorists successfully open the vault and are attempting to escape. The song was used numerous times in the movie, but it only plays once in the game. This version of the song plays in the key of G♭.

The Hunt for Red October (SNES)

This game contains two variations of the song. When you beat the game and are treated to the credits, the game plays the song in D, but resorts to a 4/4 time signature without the triplets in the background. When you get a game over, the game plays an even shorter loop of the song but in the key of D♭ minor.

Hunt for Red October - SNES - Ending.png

Hunt for Red October - SNES - Game Over.png