List of published works that cite the VGMPF

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This is a growing list of published books, magazines, or articles that cite the VGMPF as an authoritative video game music source.

Title Author Format Published Date Details Citation
Chiptune music: An exploration of compositional techniques as found in Sunsoft games for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom from 1988-1992 Christopher J. Hopkins Article 2015-03-?? UMI Number: 3712434 Naoki Kodaka, page 794; Nintendo Entertainment System, page 794.
A first-hand account of Quicksilva and its part in the birth of the UK games industry, 1981–1982 Mark Eyles Article 2016-06-07 doi: 10.1080/23311983.2016.1190441 AY-3-8910.
From Pac-Man to Pop Music: Interactive Audio in Games and New Media Karen Collins Book 2008-05-12 ISBN: 978-0754662006, Publisher: Ashgate Listed as an "Internet Resource."
I Am Error: The Nintendo Family Computer / Entertainment System Platform Nathan Altice Book 2015-05-01 ISBN: 978-0262028776, Publisher: The MIT Press Naohisa Morota, page 408; Yosihiro Sakaguchi, page 416.
The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio Karen Collins, Bill Kapralos, Holly Tessler Book 2014-05-02 ISBN: 978-0199797226, Publisher: Oxford University Press Masaya Kuzume, page 528.
The Rise of Reactive and Interactive Video Game Audio Joey Pendergrass Article 2015-Q2-?? Capstones and Theses. Paper 484. RP2A03.
The Routledge Companion to Screen Music and Sound Miguel Mera, Ronald Sadoff, Ben Winters Book 2017-06-01 ISBN: 978-1138855342, Publisher: Routledge Bibliography.