Dick Tracy (NES)

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Dick Tracy
Platform: NES
Year: 1990
Developer: Realtime Associates
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Dick Tracy is an action game based on the comic and movie of the same name. The player takes the role of none other than the great Dick Tracy, who must solve clues and bust bad guys. The game was very difficult because you only had one life and if you died you'd have to start the game all over again. There is however a password option too to start from any of the 5 cases in the game. Each case takes about 10 minutes to complete, making the game last about an hour.



The title screen.


Driving the car in the streets, trying to avoid snipers on the buildings.


Punching an enemy in the sidescrolling levels, though it looks more like Tracy's choking him than he is punching him.


The music is pretty good for its time. The music features mostly jazzy songs that fit into the detective-style game. George Sanger and David Hayes collaborated to do the soundtrack. George Sanger used Performer and David Hayes used Cakewalk to make the soundtrack. David Warhol would then take their MIDI files and re-arrange them for the game. While the game lacks credits, the founder of Realtime Associates, David Warhol confirmed that George and David are the composers. George Sanger credits himself as the composer on his website, as well as crediting himself to the Game Boy version.









01 Title George Sanger David Warhol 0:55 2.11 MB
02 Office George Sanger David Warhol 1:47 4.09 MB
03 Streets George Sanger David Warhol 1:46 4.06 MB
04 Building George Sanger David Warhol 2:02 4.66 MB
05 Car Chase George Sanger, David Hayes David Warhol 1:02 2.35 MB
06 Death George Sanger, David Hayes David Warhol 0:04 199 KB
07 Game Over George Sanger, David Hayes David Warhol 0:08 328 KB
08 Ending George Sanger, David Hayes David Warhol 1:04 2.51 MB


(Source: George Sanger, game lacks credits)

David Warhol says that because this was his first NES game, there are no credits, but George Sanger lists the game in his works and Warhol has verified that David Hayes composed the music as well.

Game Rip





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Title: Dick Tracy
Platform: NES
Released: 1990/09/??
Publisher: Bandai, Inc.