DUMB Module Decoder

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DUMB Module Decoder
Player - DUMB Module Decoder.png
Creator kode54
Released 2005-10-11
Platform foobar2000
Website www.foobar2000.org/components/view/foo_dumb

kode54's DUMB Module Decoder is a component for foobar2000 that supports numerous module formats and their compressed variants. It allows for various playback options.

Supported Formats

Format Tracker Notes
669 Composer 669
AM, J2B N/A Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (DOS) music format.
AMF Digital Sound and Music Interface
DSM DSIK Problems with tempo.
IT, ITZ Impulse Tracker
MO3 N/A MOD using MP3 samples.
MOD, MDZ ProTracker Supports various clones as well.
MTM, MTZ Multitracker
OKT, OKTA Oktalyzer More accurate than Winamp.
PSM (Beta), PSM ProTracker Studio Epic Megagames tracker format.
PTM, PTZ PolyTracker
S3M, S3Z Scream Tracker 3
STM, STZ Scream Tracker 2
UMX Unreal Music
XM, XMZ Fasttracker


Version Download Platform
1.0.129 Download - (info) foobar2000