Antony Crowther

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Antony Crowther
Antony Crowther - 1.jpg
Born May 10, 1965
Birth Place Sheffield, England
Nationality British   UK.svg
  • Tony Crowther
  • Anthony Crowther

Antony Crowther is a British programmer and musician. When he was 16, a friend of his father's gave him a Commodore PET 4032. Antony figured out how to program on it and programmed Mastermind, a popular game at the time on it. Later, he bought a VIC-20 and ended up programming a game similar to Galaxian. He took the game to Superior Systems. They said they were not interested in the game, but were interested in Antony's programming skills, so they lent him a Commodore 64. He then created his first commercial game Lunar Rescue.

Antony almost attended an art college, but when he worked at Alligata Software, he never looked back.

Later, he ended up meeting Ben Daglish in school. Antony created the game called Potty Pidgeon and he needed help with the death music, so he had Ben help him with that. They were astonished by the sound quality and Antony later started doing video game music himself. He and Ben later started WEMUSIC (We Make Use of Sound In Computers).


Released Title Sample
1984/??/?? Papagei Gangster (C64)
1986/??/?? Ark Pandora (C64)
1986/??/?? R1-D1 Unit Attack (C64)
1987/??/?? Centurions Power X Treme (C64)
1987/??/?? Triaxos (C64)
1987/??/?? Zig Zag (C64)
1988/??/?? Bombuzal (C64)
1988/??/?? Dead Ringer (C64)
1988/??/?? Fernandez Must Die (C64)
1989/??/?? Phobia (C64)
1991/??/?? Captain Planet and the Planeteers (AMI)
1991/??/?? Captain Planet and the Planeteers (AST)
1994/12/31 Liberation: Captive II (AMI) Sound Effects

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