All Items

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All Items
Composer Satoe Terashima
Released 1986-03-21
Title Origin Game Location
Loops No

All Items is a fanfare that plays when you collect the last item on a stage. This can be either a key or the kidnapped Goonie, whichever is last. However, if you rescue a Goonie before getting all of the keys, you'll hear Rescued Goonie instead.








1986-02-21 The Goonies (FC) Satoe Terashima 0:01.13 NSF
1986-10-?? The Goonies (PC88) Unknown UNK
1986-??-?? The Goonies (MSX) Unknown 0:01.08 KSS
1986-??-?? The Goonies (X1) Unknown UNK

The Goonies (FC)

Goonies - FC - All Items.png

This fanfare is not on the official album. It is track 10 in the NSF file. The PlayChoice-10 and Vs. System games use the same music.

The Goonies (PC88)

This fanfare plays at the same time as the Famicom release.

The Goonies (MSX)

Goonies - MSX - Rescued Goonie.png

In the MSX port, this fanfare is played, not when you collect the final item on a stage, but every time you rescue a Goonie. The game does not feature the usual Rescued Goonie fanfare.

The song is track $98 in the KSS file, and it is played on the MSX PSG.

The Goonies (X2)

Goonies - X1 - All Keys.png

The X1 port's music is rendered on the YM2149 chip.