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Player - AdPlug.png
Creator Simon Peter, Nikita V. Kalaganov
Released 1999
Platform DOS, foobar2000, UNIX, Winamp, XMMS

AdPlug, and its stand-alone release, AdPlay, is an audio engine that emulates the sound of the OPL2 and OPL3 found on the various 8 and 16-bit sound cards through the 1980-1990s, particularly the AdLib and Sound Blaster boards. AdPlug does this by playing music files in their original format. Though it hasn't been updated in some time, it still has a wide variety of support, not only from games, but also from OPL-targeted music trackers.

AdPlug is a plugin built for foobar2000, Winamp, and XMMS, and AdPlay is a command line program for DOS and UNIX.


Format Creator Notes
A2M AdLib Tracker 2 Only format versions from 1 to 8
ADL Westwood
BAM Bob's AdLib Music
CFF BoomTracker 4
CMF Creative Still some issue with defined instruments.
CMF (Macs Opera) SoundFX Macs Opera Only in master branch of repository, not released yet
D00 EdLib
DFM Digital-FM
DMO TwinTeam
DRO DOSBox Supports both v0.1 and v2.0
DTM DeFy AdLib Tracker
GOT God of Thunder (DOS) Only in master branch of repository, not released yet
HSC, HSP Hannes Seifert
IMF, WLF, ADLIB id Software Still some issues with percussion (Fixed in beta release with WoodyOPL emulator from DOSBox Team).
IMS IMPlay Song Format Only in master branch of repository, not released yet
JBM Johannes Bjerregaard (Jozz)
KSM Ken Silverman Must have insts.dat file in same folder as KSM files.
LAA LucasArts
LDS Loudness
M Origin Systems Doesn't support certain types of compression.
MAD Mlat AdLib Tracker
MDI MIDI Play by Ad Lib, Inc. Only in master branch of repository, not released yet
MID, KAR MIDI MIDI files are played with General MIDI instrumentation, but this rarely matches the custom engines of most games, particularly those made prior to the General MIDI standard.
MSC AdLib MSCplay
MTK MPU-401 Trakker
MUS (AdLib) AdLib Play by Ad Lib, Inc. Only in master branch of repository, not released yet
RAD Reality AdLib Tracker
RAW (Rdos) Rdos AdLib Catcher
RIX Softstar
ROL AdLib Visual Composer The song's BNK file must be in the same directory as the ROL file.
S3M Scream Tracker 3 Will play only FM synthesis samples.
SA2 Surprise! AdLib Tracker 2
SAT Surprise! AdLib Tracker
SCI Sierra On-Line Some percussion issues. Also, has file name issues, see below.
SNG (Adlib Tracker) Adlib Tracker 1.0
SNG (Faust Music Creator) Faust Music Creator
XAD eXotic
XMS XMS-Tracker
XSM eXtra Simple Music


AdPlug can only play the AdLib (OPL2) portion of SCI files, and the files must follow a strict naming convention in order to play. Music ripped from Sierra resource files will look like this:


However, AdPlug will not play a soundtrack with these file names; you must first rename the files according to these rules:

  1. All the files must start with the same three-character prefix.
  2. Music files may contain a custom title after the prefix, but you must change the file extension to "sci".
  3. The patch.003 file (which contains the OPL2 instruments must also have the prefix, followed by "patch.003".
  4. Other patch files are for other devices are not needed and may be deleted.

Thus, to play in AdPlug, the above example should be renamed like this:

KQ4 - Title Theme.sci
KQ4 - Cupid's Pool.sci
KQ4 - Troll.sci

You can use the Make Sierra Audio AdPlug Compliant script to rename an entire soundtrack automatically.


Version Download Platform
1.6a Download - (info) DOS
1.46 Download - (info) foobar2000
1.7 Download - (info) UNIX
1.8.2 Download - (info) Winamp
1.2 Download - (info) XMMS