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AY8930-P - Bare.jpg
Developer: General Instrument, Microchip Technology
Released: 198?-??-??
Type: Chip

1.) Pulse Wave/Noise
2.) Pulse Wave/Noise
3.) Pulse Wave/Noise

The AY8930/P is a PSG designed by Microchip Technology. The chip is very similar to the AY-3-8910 both in name and design, as it is an enhanced edition of the chip made by General Instrument before the company spun off their microelectronics division to Microchip Technology. The chip has two modes, AY8930 Expanded Mode which has several features not found on the AY-3-8910, and AY-3-8910A Compatible Mode which is mostly backward-compatible with the AY-3-8910. This chip also has a very similar pinout with, only pin BC2 appearing to be different, now treated as a no connect.

In Compatible mode, the AY8930/P had the same 3 channels with the same enveloping, volume, and clock speed as the AY-3-8910. In Expanded mode, the chip give a unique envelope to each channel, variable duty-cycles, more bits of precision for note frequency, volume control, envelope frequency, and a much more configurable noise generator.

The AY8930/P is used on the Covox Sound Master sound card for IBM compatible PCs. The Sound Master had a fair amount of game support (about 100 games total), but since many of the programmers were familiar with the previous AY-3-8910, few of them took advantage of Expanded Mode and just used the chip in its Compatible Mode.

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Emulation Status

Currently, only E-FamiTracker (mod of FamiTracker) emulates the AY8930 at all, although some more general emulation work has been made over at VOGONS.